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Zeyde's diary 4.jpg

Thursday, the 2nd of June

     Later they brought us to clean barracks, where were found about 100 cots, one upon the other. Men and women were packed together. We got through this situation and were allowed to rest for a few hours. 

     Then we were sent to a doctor to have our heads and eyes examined. The young men went through good and fast, but the old men with beards had to withstand much trouble. They had to clean themselves five or six times. And it didn't help them at all until they were forced to shave their beards. Then the doctor let them through. 

     The women had even greater woes to withstand because of their hair, since cutting their hair was forbidden. The head had to be extremely clean. So the women had to take two powdered disinfectants to wash their hair. They immediately washed and dried themselves. Then they returned to the approximately 30 Germans who had special combs to comb each and every hair to search for nits. After this combing, they had to...

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