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Zeyde's diary 3.jpg

June 1 - They took us back by train to the same confined Russian camp and brought us all into the largest barrack. There, they immediately registered us and examined us to see if we had proper visas. They took away our ship tickets and boarding passes and distributed food cards (meal tickets). Then we ate and were immediately taken to the bath house. There, they promptly proceeded to cut our hair, shaved us all over, vaccinated us against small pox and disinfected our clothes. No money could buy you out of this procedure, because the German Jews maintain discipline and say this procedure is actually a regulation of the American government. "If we allow one man or woman to go through unshaven, we are punished and lose our position," they said.

     Then we all had to obey the "yekes", (German Jews). Whatever they wanted to do with us--they did! The bath lasted until three in the afternoon.

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