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This is a remembrance of my immigration... After eight months of  hardship in Warsaw, I got my visas and I started to make my journey to the golden land.

                                                                           May 30, 1921

     We immigrants that had valid passes were told by the Steamship Company Baltipa to get ready for our voyage. We were told to go to their dispatcher at #20 Noliveke Street at precisely nine in the morning. They said he would be at the counter at that time. Of course, every night before we got almost no sleep. We ran at the crack of dawn to try to get near the head of the line. 

    God helped us and at ten in the morning a crippled dispatcher arrived. There were a few wealthy travelers that he saw first. He took an extra payoff from them and promptly took away their luggage. Much later, our luggage was taken from us. He distributed our baggage receipts and told us to return to his counter at exacgly three in the afternoon. He would then tell us he said when we would have to be ready to depart. Naturally he checked everything we had with us and then he sent us just outside of the ...

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